Secure video sessions may be completed in addition to your in-person appointments, or as a stand-alone service option. This option is convenient as it allows you or your child to receive services when attending our office just isn’t feasible.

How it works:

At the time of your scheduled appointment, you will need to click the link provided to you via text or email. This will send you to our virtual waiting room. Once you have arrived in the waiting room, your psychologist will be notified that you’re waiting, and they will connect with you there. Other than being in separate locations, you will interact with your psychologist in much of the same way as an in-person session.

Please note that children under the age of 12 do best with in-person appointments. As well, your psychologist may not be able to offer the same variety of interventions or approaches with a video format as they can in-person. Feel free to contact us to determine whether TelePsychology is a good fit based on your needs.

For sessions we use, which is a secure video TeleHealth platform that is compliant with all privacy laws and uses a high standard of security. You don’t have to download anything prior to your session; just simply click on the link provided to you. You will need a phone, IPAD, or computer with a microphone and camera, and a good WiFi connection.

Please ensure that you have a quiet and private space to avoid the risk of others hearing your session. This goes for children and teen sessions as well. Having a private space is key for building a therapeutic relationship with your child.

Please contact us to set up an appointment or to request more information about our TelePsychology option.