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When children experience upsetting events or life changes, play becomes an important part of helping them work through what has happened to them.

Play Therapy

Play therapy is a type of intervention that is specifically suited to children’s developmental level.

Because play is the primary way that children learn about the world and express their thoughts and feelings, they naturally turn to play when they are overwhelmed. Play provides children with emotional safety, which allows them to describe their experiences, try on new roles and perspectives, express their feelings and inner conflicts, and gain mastery over their fears and anxiety.

Play therapy can be helpful for children who are struggling with:

Behavioral Challenges

Trouble Regulating Emotions


Anxiety and Stress


Social Difficulties



Supporting Resiliency

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Sleep Challenges

Foster and Adoption

Relationship Difficulties

In session, specific activities will differ depending on your child and their presenting strengths and difficulties. Your child will have the opportunity to direct and lead their play process. As well, your child will engage in structured and directive activities to help learn and practice new skills, or to help them understand their life experiences better.

J. Gordon Group can help families and caregivers.  

We are a group of seasoned Registered Psychologists, Trauma Specialists, and Play Therapists

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