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Feeling overwhelmed in your upcoming or in your new parent role? We can help so that you can focus on enjoying parenthood and feel like your best self.

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The perinatal period is defined as the time from the beginning of conception through to childbirth, to the end of the first year of being a parent. Different challenges can occur during this period such as fertility struggles, grief and loss, a traumatic birth, and postpartum mental health difficulties.

Postpartum Support

Becoming a new parent is a physically and emotionally overwhelming experience, even under the best circumstances. Your world drastically changes and you’re having to juggle multiple demands to care for both you and your family. Even if you aren’t a first-time parent, each pregnancy and birth is different, and the postpartum period can also bring different experiences.
Postpartum mental health struggles can add an extra layer of difficulty during this time.

It is common for mothers to experience “baby blues” and anxiety for the first few weeks after birth. This may include insomnia, feeling irritable, moody, emotional (crying a lot), anxious and sad. If these symptoms persist beyond 2 weeks after birth or start feeling worse, it could be a sign of postpartum anxiety or depression. Without support, these struggles can interfere with your ability to enjoy and take care of your baby, and yourself.

Signs of Postpartum Depression:

Signs of Postpartum Anxiety:

Parents may under-report concerns because they aren’t certain whether their symptoms are related to normal changes before and after baby. Other times, parents may feel reluctant to discuss their own emotional challenges as they feel ashamed about not feeling overjoyed in their parenting role. It takes courage to reach out for support. It is not your fault. You’re not meant to deal with all this alone.

We’re here to help so that you can get back to feeling like you again.

We offer both in-person therapy sessions at our clinic as well as virtually, if completing therapy in the comfort of your own home is better for you during this time.

Many parents also worry about whether their own emotional struggles have impacted their baby’s attachment and development. In addition to individual therapy, we offer parent coaching sessions to complete the Circle of Security (COS) program. Circle of Security is an evidence-based program for parents to learn more about the attachment and emotional needs of children. It is one of the most effective ways to facilitate a secure relationship with your child over time.

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