Equine-Assisted Therapy

Children and teens often find it difficult to open up and discuss difficult emotions and experiences directly. During an equine-assisted therapy session, your child will help to take care of and lead a horse with their equine-trained mental health therapist.  Animals offer an immense amount of emotional support, acceptance, and comfort in the present moment. Including a hooved friend in therapy sessions can help to build co-regulation and mindfulness skills, while also providing feedback that help children and teens learn about themselves in relation to another.

What areas of concern can Equine-Assisted Therapy help with?

What skills does Equine-Assisted Therapy help support?

Does my child/teen need to have experience with a horse?

These sessions do not require any previous experience with a horse, as your child will not need to do any riding. Your child’s session will typically include:

We are partnered with the Parsons Animal Rescue Foundation in the Edmonton area.

If you have any questions or you’re looking to get started with Equine-assisted therapy, you can email, call, or submit a message using our contact form.

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