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Parent Supports

We offer consultation to caregivers who are seeking support and guidance in the context of parenting and the challenges they are facing with their child. This can occur as a stand-alone service, or as an integrated part of a child’s therapy process. In sessions, we aim to provide evidence-based support to help parents respond to their child’s behaviors and to help them navigate the typical trouble spots in their day. We also work collaboratively with caregivers to help overcome barriers that often get in the way of parenting with intention, and to help build capacity in their parenting role.


Common topics include how to best manage emotional and behavioral outbursts, negative self-talk, anxiety, sleep and mealtime struggles, and difficulties at school. We offer strategies to help facilitate coping, regulation, flexibility and resiliency in children, while also aiming to support more positive child-caregiver relationships.


NOTE: At J. Gordon Psychology Group, we do not complete consultation for the purpose of resolving parent custody and access disputes. We also do not provide parent mediation services, or give direct advice regarding parenting time in the context of parent separation and divorce.