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Cara Freeman

I am a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists (#5007). Supporting children has been my career goal for twenty years.

For 15 years teaching in the classroom, I strived to go further than identifying my students learning, behavioural and emotional strengths and weaknesses, but to understand and provide appropriate interventions, supports and resources to help them thrive. Over the past eight years, I have had the opportunity to build on my educator background to develop a strong knowledge base in the area of child and educational psychology. I have had the unique opportunity to not only work in a variety of educational settings, but within children’s mental health and private practice. These experiences allowed me to understand children and services from a variety of different perspectives and develop my skills completing psychoeducational assessments for learning, behavioural and emotional concerns. It also allowed me to work collaboratively on multi-disciplinary teams, provide leadership as a consultant, and deliver private intervention. Over the years, I have developed a common language to communicate with those invested in each child’s success. It has allowed me to translate psycho-educational reports into an understandable language/context, based on who my audience is; including parents, teachers, therapists, medical staff and most importantly the student. It is one of my major life goals to use to this information to assist educators, parents and partners in developing appropriate enrichment, supports and interventions for students. I can only imagine how children’s lives will be changed the more we understand their strengths and challenges and provide the appropriate environment to ensure they flourish.

T:  780-405-8211

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