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Back to School Transition Tips

Many children have anxiety as they anticipate the upcoming school year. Here are some tips to help support your child: When you talk with your child, remember that your most important job is to listen. What kids need most is your presence (rather than solutions) for their feelings. It can be helpful to remember that it…

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Giftedness in Children Edmonton

Giftedness in Children

As a parent, you may notice your child’s advanced development prior to school entry. Some children show early language skills and vocabulary that is well above what is expected for their age. Other children process information quickly, have an exceptional memory for facts and details, or show a remarkably high level of creativity for their…

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During the COVID-19 Outbreak

During the COVID-19 outbreak, I aim to continue to support  children and families, where needed. I am now offering both phone and secure video conferencing sessions (30 or 60 minutes), in accordance with current health and safety guidelines. If your child is struggling during this time, please don’t hesitate to contact me to book an appointment. Take care…

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Nora and The Worry Zoot

Nora and The Worry Zoot By Dr. Jennifer Gordon and Illustrated by Rob Bryson. How do you talk to your kids about anxiety and worry? Navigating new and uncertain situations is difficult for most of us. For 1 in 9 children, they struggle with worry to the point where it impairs aspects of their daily functioning.…

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