Psycho-educational AssessmentSpecializing in psycho-educational assessments

For children with learning, processing, and attention difficulties, understanding and remembering new concepts and information, and starting/completing tasks can be a challenge across home and school settings. A psycho-educational assessment can help. Here are three ways:

1) Child psycho-educational assessments are comprehensive: We know that many different factors can contribute to a child’s school challenges. A psycho-educational assessment can assess all of these factors, and thus, are able to answer many referral questions at once.

Specifically, a psycho-educational assessment can provide insight into the following areas:

  • Language and language-related problem solving
  • Visual and nonverbal information processing
  • Phonological skills
  • Basic and applied academic skills (reading, writing, math):
  • Attention and concentration
  • Behavior and emotional functioning
  • Executive functions (e.g., organization and working memory)
  • Social skills

Accordingly, a psycho-educational assessment provides comprehensive insight into your child’s unique strengths and difficulties across many different areas of functioning.

2) Psycho-educational assessments are collaborative: As part of a psycho-educational assessment, information about your child is obtained from multiple different sources, such as parents, teacher(s), and other relevant professionals in your child’s life. Your child also has the opportunity to provide their own perspective into their strengths and struggles. This collaborative approach is so important to obtain an understanding of the whole child and how they present across environments. This collaborative approach is also necessary to accurately assess and diagnose any clinical concerns.

3) Psycho-educational assessments aim to create a future plan: Psycho-educational assessments are essential to pinpoint effective and specific educational accommodations and supports to help your child reach their best potential. You will receive a comprehensive assessment report with results and recommendations so that you can best support and advocate for your child’s needs across environments.

If you are seeking a child psycho-educational assessment or have any questions, please contact us to discuss further. We have a team of Registered Psychologists who specialize in child assessments in the greater Edmonton area.