With access to the right resources and support, every gifted child can achieve their full potential at school. Gifted education may include specialized programs and schools for advanced learners (e.g., Edmonton Public’s Gifted and Talented program and New Horizon Charter School). These programs provide challenging learning environments and request that you have an intellectual (IQ) assessment completed on your child to determine whether they meet requirements for admission.

Cognitive (IQ) tests (e.g., WISC-V for school-aged children and WPPSI-IV for preschoolers) gather comprehensive information regarding how well your child reasons and problem solves on verbal and non-verbal tasks, as well as how efficiently and accurately your child processes information. Some children have exceptional strengths across areas of intellectual functioning, while others may have one or two distinct cognitive strengths that stand out in their profile.

If you think your child may be gifted in one or more areas, a cognitive (IQ) assessment will help you to understand your child’s specific learning strengths and needs. This assessment will also help to determine whether a specialized program may be beneficial to foster your child’s academic and learning development.

At J. Gordon Psychology Group, we have multiple Registered Psychologists who specialize in child cognitive/IQ assessments. If you are requesting this assessment in order to determine your child’s eligibility for a gifted program, advanced placement, or academic alternative program, please contact your schools of interest in order to determine entrance requirements and registration deadlines. This will help to ensure that your child’s assessment and report is completed within appropriate timelines.

If you have any questions or would like to book an assessment, please feel free to contact to discuss further.