“No person [child] is an Island”- John Donne

I am a young professional with a Masters in Clinical Counselling Psychology with a strong desire to help my community. Additionally, my credentials also include being a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists (#5392). My counselling experiences include working in various community mental health settings, including with Alberta Health Services. 

Something all of us have in common is that, at times, we have all felt the feeling of ‘feeling lost’, directionless and rudderless in life. Now with the Pandemic, those feelings are louder than ever, and even louder so for our teens. Teenage isn’t smooth sailing as is, to now adding the storm of COVID and its effects into the mix. 

My treatment approach is integrative, holistic, and client-centered. I have a special interest in working with Anxiety, Depression self-esteem, self-worth concerns, communication/social skills, and communication within the parent-child dynamic. I also employ CBT, Solution focused, mindfulness and spiritual principles supported by modern psychology’s latest research understanding of our cognition, behaviors, and emotions.  

I have worked with children ages 6-17. However, have a special interest in working with the teen population (13-17). Along with working individually with children, I believe it is vital that the parent(s)/primary caregiver be involved in the process with their children, as well. Caregiver’s involvement in the process can be crucial to success in their teen developing mental and emotional resilience.


P. 587-855-3213